Meet 10 South African Celebrities Who Are Sangomas

South Africa has no shortage of celebrities who are sangomas. There are many famous children of the topsoil who have accepted their ancestral calling of Ubungoma (traditional healing). Boity Thulo and Letoya Makhene are two of South Africa’s most well-known sangomas in the entertainment industry.

Lately, we have also realized that a couple of South African celebrities are practicing as Sangomas. Here is a list of ten celebrities who have comprised their ancestral calling.

Actress Letoya Makhene

Letoya Makhene is a South African actress, singer and Television personality. She is best known for her role as on Generation the Legacy as Tshidi. years ago, she took an 8-month leave from acting as she was going for her training to become a sangoma.

Actress Letoya Makhene went to training at the age of 19. She also runs a traditional healing practice in Johannesburg.

Queen actress Dineo Langa

The Queen actress Dineo Langa who got married Solo Langa in 2019 has also revealed that they are Sangomas and have accepted their ancestral gift. Dineo Langa, she is best known as an actress who use to play the role of Kea Khoza on The Queen..Dineo and her husband Solo Langa got married in 2019 and surprisingly both had a calling for being traditional healers. The couple has accepted the calling.

Rapper Boity Thulo

Rapper Boity Thulo also accepted her calling of becoming a Sangoma back in 2016. However, Boity said she remained a Christian as well. Boity Thulo is a South African television personality, rapper, actress and businesswoman. After she accepted her sangoma calling, she was getting some criticism and judgment from her fans. However, she didn’t let them stop her and in one of her interview, she said being sangoma was one of the best things to her life.

Uzalo actress Dawn Thandeka King

Uzalo actress Dawn Thandeka King said she found out that she has a calling in 2008. This was after she was involved in a car accident. She started walking again after becoming a Sangoma.

She is one of the people’s favorite actresses on Tv drama on SABC 1 Uzalo. Dawn Thandeka King known as MaNgcobo on Uzalo. As mentioned already, she found out that she had a calling back in 2018 after being involved in a car accident, she was hospitalized for a month and couldn’t walk then she received news that she had a calling and she accepted.

Uzalo actress Baby Cele

Also from Uzalo, actress Baby Cele who is well known from her role as Gabisile on Uzalo, chatting to one of our source Afternoon Express she shared her journey of being Sangoma which it was not easy as she was not willing to accept but she ended up accepting at the later stage.

She started to know about her calling at the age of 10 years after her parents passed away, it was also revealed that her mother used to have a calling and when she died she had to take over. Baby Cele said she knew she was a Sangoma at the age of 10 and accepted the calling in 2004

Singer Kelly Khumalo

We also get know about the well-known Kelly Khumalo whose been in the entertainment industry for around 15 years has revealed that she’s a sangoma. In 2018 after she uploaded a picture of herself in Sangoma clothes. Not all SA celebrities are free to share their sangoma spiritual journey.

Skeem Saam actress Shoki Mmola

Skeem Saam actress Shoki Mmola is also practicing to be a Sangoma. The actress was disclosed in 2019 after her divorce.

Skeem Saam actor Bongani Masondo

Skeem Saam actor Bongani Masondo started practicing as a Sangoma in 2011 after going to an initiation school. However, he has mentioned that he asked the ancestors to put the practice on hold so that he could focus on acting.

Singer and rapper Gigi Lamayne

Another South African singer and rapper Gigi Lamayne revealed that she never believed in ancestors and sangoma thing before, but she said her life changed and living a better life since she had a calling and accepted it

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