Family ate Marijuana thinking it is morogo. Look what they are doing. Video went viral

We currently have a video that has left so many people talking on social media. On the video, a family is crying because they cooked marijuana by mistake, thinking it was spinach. People in the video were crying because they were high and didn’t know what to do because they ate something they weren’t supposed to.

If you pay close attention to the video, you can hear one of the women say that they have tried marijuana and thought it was something they did all the time. It breaks my heart because those people didn’t know what they were doing. Some people say that it’s not a good idea to smoke weed if you’re young and have a young mind.

Some people on social media blamed that family for putting the weed in the kitchen, which is not where they were supposed to put it. It doesn’t look like this is their first time doing these things, which is why they have weed in their house. When you look closely at the video, you can see that some of the family members are sleeping because they are high on marijuana.

So, you’ll hear a lot of people say that we should keep things like that away from our kids because they might use them. Some people on social media say it’s impossible to get high from marijuana. Well, you don’t smoke it. It doesn’t look like they even know that you can drink or eat it to get high.

Some people say that eating marijuana isn’t as healthy as smoking it because it has a stronger effect. That’s why you’d find many people saying that we must stop making sugar cookies in order to take care of our health.


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