Everything You Need To Know About AKA’s Girlfriend

Regarded as one of the richest and best rappers in South Africa, Kiernan Forbes, also known as AKA always makes waves with his hits as well as with his relationships. After nearly a year of being single following his fiance’s sad death, AKA recently introduced his new girlfriend to the world and the two lovebirds who seem to be smitten with each other have been controlling the headlines for both good and bad reasons.

This article looks at who AKA’s girlfriend is, the hot details about their relationship, as well as a hint at who both AKA and his girlfriend dated before. AKA’s girlfriend is a beautiful South African-born Zimbabwean rapper, songwriter and reality TV star, Nadia Nakai.


Nadia Nakai was born 31 years ago to a South African father and a Zimbabwean mother. She studied in both South Africa and Kenya before launching her career as a rapper. Known for hits like Saka Wena and Naaa Meaan which she collaborated with Cassper Nyovest, Nadia Nakai has received a good number of awards for her music both in South Africa and Zimbabwe.


As of 2022, Nadia Nakai has over ten singles, and one album, and has credits on a good number of singles that she collaborated with other notable musicians. Besides her success in making music, Nadia Nakai has also made appearances on television, both as a host and as a star. In 2019, she co-hosted the Yo! MTV Raps South Africa alongside Siyabonga Ngwekazi. In 2022, Nadia Nakai appeared on Netflix’s reality show Young, Famous and African.

When did AKA and Nadia Nakai start dating?

Speculations that AKA and Nadia Mukami were dating started making rounds in late 2021 when in one of the episodes of his podcast Everybody Hates Nota podcast, Nota Baloyi hinted that something was going on between AKA and Nadia.

After months of keeping it low, Supamega and Nadia Nakai made their relationship public in February 2022 after AKA commented on Nadia Nakai’s Instagram post with a heart-eyes emoji and Nadia replied with a heart emoji. Since going public, the two have not held back on their love with joint vacations and extreme PDA that some think it’s cute while others think it’s disgusting.


AKA’s assault allegations on his girlfriend

Since their relationship went public, the couple’s fans have had mixed reactions to this hottest relationship in town. Besides their extreme PDA being a topic of debate, tweeps, especially those who still believe that AKA had something to do with Nellie Tembe’s death have not been very kind to the couple.

In late April 2022, AKA and Nadia Nakai issued a joint sentence where they both denied there being physical assault and verbal abuse and sued a publication that had made a report alleging that AKA had allegedly hit Nadia Nakai during their trip to Accra, Ghana.

Despite the allegations and some of the hate that their relationship receives, AKA and Nadia Nakai seem to be ignoring them all and growing strong together.


What happened to AKA’s ex-girlfriend?

Before his current relationship with Nadia Nakai, AKA’s girlfriend and fiance was a young woman called Anele “Nellie” Tembe. Anele Tembe passed on on 11th April 2021 after she allegedly jumped out of a window of a tenth floor hotel where she was staying with AKA.

Her sad death was very publicized and although AKA’s name was cleared by the police, not everyone, including Anele Tembe’s father, was convinced that the young woman took her own life.


Nadia Nakai’s ex-boyfriends

Nadia Nakai had dated several high profile people before her current relationship with AKA. Some of the people that she was linked with include Bandile Mbere of the Major Leaguez DJs, Dotcom and American rapper Vic Mensa who is her immediate ex-boyfriend before dating AKA.

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