Mzansi:Here Is The Reason Zanele Sifuba Refusing to pay R300k See Here

Mzansi:Here Is The Reason Zanele Sifuba Refusing to pay R300k See Here

She did well by refusing to pay him that R300K, bloody scammer.A young Nigerian man released Sex tape of Zanele Sifuba the Speaker of the ANC Free State legislature after she refused to pay R300,000 blackmail money to the Nigerian man who was sleeping with her. 

Africans must learn to respect one another and we must way to go back the way we used to live as Africans with respect and humility and respect of one another because we are now leaving like we are enemies.

other people are congratulating her for not paying the amount that was demanded from here the reason could be that she know that if she paid this amount of money that person will for ever want to ask her money all the time.

She chose to face consequences of the leaked video than to be forever paying money to someoneI Will be forever threatening her with this video demanding money to her.

Below are comment made by people.

It happened to the other one in Limpopo. We laughed and it’s all gone now. Even this shall pass. South Africa is a movie, tomorrow we will be focusing on something else. It’s done

You know ,the video is out and she didn’t loose her many ,she is still breathing and going to work. One thing for sure had she paid that money, it could be the beginning of her bank account drainage by Oga .am happy for her.

It’s just a cover up saying a Nigerian man blackmailed her to spark public outrage and get some sympathy . tht video shows they hv been sleeping together before, several times

You really have no idea the damage a sextape does to a public figure do you? Can you even imagine the embarrassment the family is dealing with. Imagine this was your mum.

Problem with blackmail and extortions is if you pay, the black mailer can come for more, she returned her power by refusing. Now that it’s out, soon everyone will forget and move on.


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