Why is Somizi only the richest actor from Sarafina?

Why is Somizi only the richest actor from Sarafina?

Following the release of Sarafina, there has been some discussion on Twitter over Somizi Mhlongo’s wealth. Tweeps are curious as to how it is that he is the only one living large merely after his debut on Sarafina, whereas the rest of the cast does not come close to his fortune

The controversial user Chris Excel on Twitter has caused a stir on the social media platform after calling into question the wealth of the media personality and reality TV star Somizi Mhlongo. It is common knowledge that Mhlongo has his hands in everything, but Twitter users are increasingly convinced that there is more to Mhongo’s wealth than meets the eye.

Why is Somizi only the richest actor from Sarafina?

Chris Excel asked the question, “And why is Somizi the only one rich in the Sarafina cast while others are poor…” in his post

And why is Somizi the only wealthy member of the cast of Sarafina while the others are starving…

— ChrisExcel, as seen on Twitter (@ChrisExcel102) November 5, 2022
There have been quite a few occasions on which the subject of Somizi Mhlongo’s wealth and riches has been brought up. However, there are those who believe that he was destined to succeed in the Mzansi entertainment industry. Others are under the impression that the sole factor responsible for all of his success is the fact that he identifies as a member of the LGBTQI+ community.

Do you believe that he/she would have achieved financial success if they hadn’t changed their gender? pic.twitter.com/BIJUbeLG6Q

— Bhuti Photographer (@bhuti mayii) [Image via Instagram] November 5, 2022
Remember that he is eating with both hands (cucumber and peach), which indicates that he possesses a distinct spirit and an upperhand soul, as Lekgema explained in his writing.
Keep in mind that he is using both hands to eat (peach and cucumber), indicating that he is a different spirit and an upperhand soul. pic.twitter.com/aMd9l4VKYb

— Lekgema (@komane sam) November 5, 2022
In the meantime, a number of users on Twitter have pointed out that Mhlongo did not even have a significant part in the film Sarafina. However, there was a time in Mhlongo’s life when things were challenging, and this was the case despite the fact that his mother was the late Mary Twala. Twala is an accomplished actress who started making money at a young age and has continued to do so.

According to what The Boss wrote, “And he wasn’t even given a significant role in the movie.”

And he wasn’t even given a significant role in the movie itself.


— The Boss (@t dzyl), on Twitter November 5, 2022
Mhlongo has mentioned in previous interviews that there was a time in his life when he was searching for change in couches because he did not have enough money to buy bread.

In a recent interview with 947 FM, Mhlongo admitted that when he was in a financial bind, he would do anything for money. He went on to say that he would even “tap a girl” to get money.

“When money is tight, there are no rules to follow. During those three years, I would have made out with at least one woman. You are considered a broker if you utilise drugs when you are also broke. You eventually find that you can’t pay your bills. I have known for a fact, for the past twelve months, that I possess the most personality. I’m not the wealthiest person in the world, but I’m up there “stated Mhlongo

Somizi Mhlongo was not invited to the cast reunion for the television show Sarafina that took place not too long ago in Hollywood. Mhlongo was not asked to attend the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Safarina that Leleti Khumalo and Anath Singh attended with Whoopi Goldberg as a guest.

“Delighted to have had a special screening of SARAFINA! to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of releasing it in the United States at the Museum of Modern Art in New York last night with our stars Whoopi Goldberg and Leleti Khumalo,” wrote Anath Singh. “The screening was held in honour of the film’s 30th anniversary of being released in the United States.”

Last night at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the film’s release in the United States by showing a special screening of SARAFINA! with our stars Whoopi Goldberg and Leleti Khumalo in attendance. pic.twitter.com/CmituP3xnq

— Anant Singh (@AnantSingh Dbn) September 22, 2022
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