Skeem Saam’s Paxton and Lewatle dating in real life

Skeem Saam actors Thabiso Molokomme and Mosa Nkwashu, who play Paxton and Lewatle, are reportedly involved in a romantic relationship in real life, according to persistent reports.

The two young, talented actors also play high school students who fall in love with the educational soap opera.

Rumors started to spread that they were actually having a romantic relationship after they were seen spending some quality time together.

They have both shared extremely adorable photos of themselves cuddling up with one another on their Instagram feeds and stories, but they have not yet disclosed anything about it or confirmed anything else.

Paxton plays the spoiled brat who has always gotten his way in every situation in the telenovela, and Lewatle plays the sensible young woman who has a secret crush on Paxton.

Paxton has pulled pranks to impress the person she has a crush on because he is the most disruptive student at his school.Lewatle initially joined Paxton’s gang for their pranks on teachers and other students, but she left the group eventually.


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