Lindelani Mkhize Biography

What comes to your mind at the mention of the name Lindelani Mkhize if not the Joyous Celebration? The latter is among the founding members of the Joyous Celebration who has greatly stuck South Africa’s gospel music industry. He has had such a humble journey to build the brand that he is in the country.

‘Lindelani’ is a Zulu name that means ‘to await the good things.’ The latter has, by all means, tried to make sure that he lives up his name. He has made sure that every move he makes impacts the industry by all means. Lindelani Mkhize, the co-founder of Joyous Celebration gospel group, pleasures in ensuring that the country’s gospel industry experiences growth. As a producer, he has had a great contribution to the growth of some of the country’s top artists like Sbu Noah.

Lindelani Mkhize family Details about the famous producer are very limited, apart from the fact that the name of Lindelani Mkhize wife is Nhlanhlo Mkhize. It is not clear whether the two have kids.

Lindelani Mkhize Career

The latter has had a prosperous career as a producer; the one thing that has made him stand out is his flexibility. He has worked on the following music genres: Kwaito, Jazz, Afro-pop. He is also famous for being the founder of Lindelani Mkhize Entertainment: a recording label that has helped most of the gospel artists grow. His music career has greatly influenced his net worth.

Lindelani is one of the founding members and producers of Joyous Celebration. The choir is among the most influential choirs in the country apart from the likes of The Soweto Gospel Choir. The choir was formed in 1994 under the directions of Mthunzi Namba, Lindelani Mkhhize, and Jabu Hlongwane. The three served as the producers. The choir grew to become a thirty-five member choir with a band of six-eight members.

His contribution to the group has compressed most of the Joyous Celebration members like Sbu Noah. Sbu expressed his gratitude to Lindelani for helping him mound his career.

‘I want to sing Gospel’ In 2008, he became the most influential figure in ‘I want to sing Gospel’, which is a reality talent competition. The competition seeks to establish the “next gospel star”. The winner of the competition stands a chance to sign a recording contract with Lindelani Mkhize’s recording label.

He served as the judge and producer of the talent show for the first two seasons, and on the third season, he served as the mentor. In 2012, he landed the role of one of the judges of ‘Clash of the Choirs South Africa’, another reality competition that was aired on Mzansi Magic in 2013. He served as the judge in the first and second seasons of the show.

Lindelani Mkhize Heart Attack

In March 2018, the Joyous Celebration group members suffered a difficult moment after they received news about the founder of the group suffering a heart attack. The members of the group were so shaken that they chose to keep the news a secret until the founder of the group would have an interview with Sunday World. In the interview, he gave details of how he had spent three nights at Life Entabeni Hospital in Berea, Durban after he had suffered a heart attack.


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