Fans wants Dudu to exit Scandal through plane crash

Fans of Scandal! were left nursing their broken hearts after Dudu dramatically left Vuvu at the airport and that was her exit from the show.

Duduzile Kubeka the role played Sihle Ndaba is finally out of the etvScandal script.

She announced her exit from the show via an Instagram post.

She posted the news alerting her followers that she won’t be appearing on the daily soapie anymore.

‘It’s a wrap for Dudu Kubeka,” reads part of her statement. She also went on to thank her fans for watching.

Now after hearing that news Scandal fans want her exit to be painful and should be via a plane crush.

Fans are angry as to why she decided to play Vuvu like that and give her such high hopes of the future then drop her like a hot potato.

“I wish her flight to France should crash and Vuvu will have the last laugh,” commented one follower.

Meanwhile Vuvu is left stranded together with her two children. She has been kicked out of her family home as her parents did not allow her to be in a lesbian relationship.

Jojo has now also kicked her out of the Kubeka mansion.

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