A Look At Euphonik’s Wives And His Polygamous Marriage

Themba Mbongeni Nkosi, popularly known as DJ Themba or just Euphonik is a renowned DJ, music producer, radio presenter, and mentor. His colorful career aside, Euphonik is also known for his strange lifestyle. The admired deejay is a polygamous man who reportedly has two wives and five children and allegedly even had plans of getting a third wife.

Regarded as one of the richest deejays in South Africa with a net worth of around $3 million according to some sources, Euphonik who is all about having a big happy family can easily provide for his wives and children.

Here is a look at who DJ Euphonik’s wives are, what they do, and an explanation of what exactly happened to Euphonik’s first wife and whether or not the deejay actually got himself a third wife.

Aurelia Nxumalo

Aurelia Nxumalo is a lawyer, and co-founder of an educational platform called Learned Friend which takes a snapshot of the top ordinal news and stories of the week, which may have legal implications and consequences. She is also the brand ambassador for Euphrates Cosmetics.

The beautiful Aurelia Nxumalo is also reportedly one of Euphonik’s wives and the mother of his two children; she welcomed her second child in 2017- a son. Although Aurelia knew that Euphonik was a polygamist and she was aware of her sister-wife and was reportedly even friends with her, the legal practitioner reportedly walked away from her marital home after Euphonik declared his intention to marry a third wife.

According to sources, Aurelia Nxumalo stopped wearing her wedding ring sometime in June 2021 and moved out of their farmhouse and into a smaller house in Sandton.

Kholeka Qiniso Nxumalo

Kholeka Qiniso Nxumalo the other one of Euphonik’s wives and currently his undlunkulu (first wife).  Sources differ on whether she is Euphonk’s first or second wife and while some allege that she is his first wife and that he and Euphonik reportedly got married in 2013, other sources claim that Aurelia was the woman he married first and that Kholeka was only recently raised to the position of the first wife after Aurelia’s departure.

If her social media is anything to go by, then Kholeka Qiniso is a blogger and businesswoman with two enterprises to her name- an Ice making company called Ice Queen and a winery called Ndlovukazi Wines.

It is not clear when and for how long Euphonik and Kholeka dated before making their relationship official but according to some sources, the two are happily married with three children.

In February 2022 just a couple of days before Valentine’s day, Drum Magazine reported that Kholeka Qiniso and Euphonik had held their traditional wedding. The news came a few days after news that Euphonik was getting a third wife and that Aurelia Nxumalo had left him had been circulated.

The ceremony was reportedly held at Kholeka Qiniso’s home in Scottsville Pietermaritzburg and was attended by a few family and friends.

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