10 Real Facts You Did Not Know About Amanda Du Pont

Amanda Du Pont is one of the most beautiful and famous young actors in South Africa. She is well known for acting on a South Africa soapie called Skeem Saam.  She was born on 26 June 1988 in Manzini, Swaziland. She was born and raised in Manzini and lived with her cousin Alulutho Du Pont also Swati but later they moved to Mpumalanga to finish their schooling at Uplands Colledge.


  1. Amanda Du Pont was born in Swaziland on 26 June 1988, she is 32 years old
  2. Amanda hoped to become a Hollywood actress, so in 2012 she left her home to study at New York Film Academy.
  3. She obtained a Bachelor of arts in a live performance from AFDA

4. When she was 17 she was raped repeatedly by a man she loved dearly.

5. She was a lead character of a McDonald’s commercial.

6. She was engaged to Jub Jub


7. She will never leave a house without lipstick as she feels that it adds detail to the face and gives it character.

8. Amanda go-to tools foundation, lip-gloss, mascara, and bronzer.

9. Amanda appears as Serina in 2007 American television serial drama, Life is Wild.

10. Amanda Du Pont has been rumored to have dated Cassper Nyovest, Jub Jub, and Slikour, currently       engaged to long-time boyfriend Shawn Rodriques

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