10 Interesting Things You Don’t Know About Vusi Kunene

  1.  He loves playing the villain because it’s more fun and challenging
  2. He’s not a fan of the media and he tries to keep away from it
  3. He prefers shooting on site rather than in studio

  1. He was born in Meadowlands, north of Soweto in Johannesburg
  2. His star sign is Aries
  3. He was actually born on Friday the 13th, but one of the nurses thought this was bad luck and changed it to the 12th April

  1. He discovered his acting abilities at the Shell Road to Fame School of the Arts
  2. In 1991 he decided to pursue acting as a career and registered at the Wits School of Drama
  3. He performed in student stage dramas, including The Hill, where he was spotted by his future agent Moonyeenn Lee.

  1. During his student career at Wits School of Drama he was cast in three television films: Drumbeats, The Line, and the mini-series Rhodes

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