Zimbabwe To Start Making Own Cars?Check The Latest

Zimbabwe will soon start making its own cars since the country’s auto industry was being held back by its reliance on imports. During a recent policy review meeting in Kwekwe, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Sekai Nzenza, said that the Motor Industry Policy needs to be looked at again and that the country needs to figure out how to start making its own cars. “When it comes to making cars, we currently import cars and buses, but the plan is to start making cars here in the country.

In the Motor Industry Policy, we have a plan to look into the matter “she told me. “We need to dig deeper into the policy and figure out how to get the idea off the ground and make sure we have our own auto industry,” she said. Nzenza said that the government was trying to bring back the industry and add value.

The minister said that Zimbabwe was in a good place to fully take advantage of the auto industry if it takes off because the country has a lot of lithium deposits. Zimbabwe is one of the five countries with the most lithium in the world. We have the fifth-largest lithium deposits in the world. We will be able to make electric batteries from lithium “she told me.

The country is looking for investors in the mineral right now. We need to think of ways to use the lithium we have. As the industry ministry, we said that we can’t keep mining lithium and sending it abroad when we can add value “she told me. “The President said that we should try to bring in the right investors who will mine, make, and process lithium in the country. This would bring in technology, create jobs, and, most importantly, stop the country from having to export lithium. We will be able to make things in our own country.”


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