Young Man Shared Causing A Stir On Twitter

Young Man Shared Causing A Stir On Twitter

Shein is an online women’s clothing store based out of China. They feature fast-fashion pieces, meaning many items will look familiar to pricey designer pieces but will be very inexpensive also not as high of quality as the original pieces.


However, Shein clothing does come at a price. If you have some time to look at some honest Shein clothing reviews, you will see many complaints about the quality of the clothing. Many Shein reviews claim that brand’s clothing quickly discolors, loses its shape or exhibits wear and tear.

A young man took to social media a picture of a young lady who purchased a jumpsuit from Shein.This caused a stir on Twitter. This young man’s user name is @Ntsikier.

“But Shein delivered exactly what she ordered” captioned the young man.

The young lady seems to have purchased a jumpsuit from Shein. The jumpsuit was brown in colour and it didn’t fit her the way she wanted.

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