Women was allegedly stabbed and killed by her boyfriend see how many times she was stabbed

Being a woman sometimes it’s hard because they are always victims. A week never passes without hearing that a woman was killed by their partner. Women don’t know where to run to because it seems like even the people they trust to protect them are the same people who kill them.

Women fear for their lives because they don’t know if they will be the next victim if the person they are currently dating is also a monster that will one day wake up and kill them like a dog. Because that’s what men do nowadays they kill especially if you do something they don’t like.

A picture of a lady who goes by the name of Puseletso Koadi 30 years old from Molapo was shared on social media. This happened after her boyfriend allegedly killed her. Puseletso Koadi was found dead in the house she stayed with, she was found with wounds that look like they were caused by a knife stabbing.

It is alleged that she was stabbed 7 x and her boyfriend abandoned her body in the house afterward. The body of the deceased was discovered later in the afternoon yesterday by the kids. Jozi FM news spoke to the mother of the deceased Tshidi Mabusela who was devastated, and still in shock over the incident. Mabusela says she has many questions that have no answers after the tragedy, meanwhile reports suggest that the suspect’s boyfriend has since disappeared and his whereabouts are known.

It’s not even a week in South Africa since people heard about the missing child who was found dead with missing parts and already we have another woman who is also killed by her boyfriend, who she probably trusted and loved today she is no more because a man she loved and trust decided to take a life for what no one knows why.

When will men stop? when will Men start protecting women instead of protecting women, men are out there killing women who don’t even know where to run to anymore, women don’t even know anymore what is a safe, for them because even policeman are also killing their women this is so painful. This needs to stop, something must be done to these men to be taught a lesson.


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