Who Is Richer Between Trevor Noah And Black Coffee? Business Investments Cars And Net Worth Compared

Who Is Richer Between Trevor Noah And Black Coffee? Business Investments Cars And Net Worth Compared

They have been making headlines of late after representing South Africa at the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony. Trevor Noah was the host of the awards; DJ Coffee was a nominee on the other end. No doubt Black Coffee went on to scoop the Best Dance/Electric Album award for his album titled Subconsciously.

Coffee went down in the history books for becoming the first black DJ to scoop the precious award. In the mix of their big wins away from home, Mzansi implicated the two in a who is richer comparison.

This came after  Mzansi weighed into their Grammy awards outfits which stirred controversy. Trevor Noah looked good and was showered praises at the expense of Black Coffee, who had a social media backlash, especially back home.

Trevor Noah and Dj Black Coffee

Let’s dive into their business empires, cars and net worths as of 2022. No doubt, with illustrious careers spanning for years, the two have managed to amass a fortune from their unmatched flair.

Who is richer between Trevor Noah and Dj Black Coffee?

Trevor is best known for hosting The Daily Show, an American show on Comedy Central. Rumour mill has it that Trevor gets paid $8 million per season on The Daily Show. However, as of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of  $64 million, which amounts to R970 million.

He also makes a fortune from hosting significant red carpets events. However, he was once rumoured to be a billionaire, but the celebrated comedian distanced himself from the news. Well, that’s a typical Trevor Noah for you since he always keeps his private life under wraps.

Black Coffees Net Worth

We can all agree he might be rich, but Trevor Noah is way richer. Coffee has been generating a lot of fortune with a career spanning decades. As of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of R900 million from his career and business investments. According to SavannaNews, Coffee is the wealthiest DJ in Africa. Coffee is also a successful businessman who runs several companies.

Black Coffee

Who owns the most expensive exotic cars?

Trevor enjoys riding fast whips. Before he moved to New York, he used to own Bentley GT, Lamborghini Huracán and a Porsche Macan in his garage, and he sold them. The comedian has been spotted riding fancy cars several times following moving to New York, but it’s not confirmed if he owns them.

On the other hand, Coffee rides the world’s finest cars. In his garage are countless expensive wheels; lately, he is moving around his new baby Maserati Gran Turismo which cost more than R4 million.

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