When doctors pulled this out of man’s body, they knew the cause of death immediately

Lungs should be pink, as we are all aware of by this point. The patient underwent no CT scan, according to a statement made by hospital officials.

scan before he passed away. His lungs were donated immediately after he was determined to be brain dead. When we looked at the organs, we realized we wouldn’t be able to use them. However, this man’s lungs were so badly damaged that there was no chance of using them in a transplant. Initial oxygenation index tests were normal. Because this is what a “really poor habit” may do to the human body, it’s critical to give it up as soon as you can.

The lungs of a chain smoker who passed away from smoking were displayed by these doctors (SEE PHOTO). The 52-year-old guy would have lived a lot, much longer life, according to the surgeons, if they had quit smoking. The horrifying effects that smoking tobacco can have on your body are demonstrated by these lungs, which were taken from a dead chain smoker who smoked cigarettes for thirty years. The man, who was not named, developed blackened lungs as a result of years of inhaling tobacco smoke. After each cigarette, their lungs became congested, and the healthy lung tissue became a malignant mess.

The man to who these lungs once belonged passed away at the age of 52 from various lung diseases. Chinese surgeons removed the smoker’s lungs from his body. People are shocked that this is the outcome of thirty years of smoking, which is why the video of the man’s lungs has gone viral online. The video has more than 25 million social media views and has been dubbed the greatest anti-smoking advertisement ever. Do you still have the courage to smoke? is the caption that the hospital added to the video of the deceased man’s lungs. ”

The doctors want people to reconsider smoking as a lifestyle choice because it really is merely a death sentence, despite the fact that this caption seems to encourage smokers to laugh in the face of death and maintain the habit. The procedure was overseen by lung transplant surgeon Dr. Chen. He is the hospital’s vice president as well. Dr. Chen added, “We also take lungs from recently deceased individuals under the age of sixty, small lung illnesses, and reasonably uncontaminated X-rays. We would think about transplanting the lungs if the aforementioned criteria were satisfied.

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