Well Paid: Muvhango actress Maumela Mahuwa ‘Susan’s 2022 salary revealed

Well Paid: Muvhango actress Maumela Mahuwa ‘Susan’s 2022 salary revealed

Maumela Mahuwa has been keeping her position as the queen of the Muvhango television series since its debut back in 1997. For the 25 years, the series has been showing on prime-time television; she has nurtured her talent and made sure her appearances were unforgettable. She may do other things on the side, but Maumela is famously known as the Susan Mukwevho of Thathe.

The actress has been known to stay in the headlines on several occasions, but she is the most scandal-free of the cast. Her personal life has not made her a target of gossip blogs but only her career. She is a businesswoman and a devoted woman of God who tries to lead a straight drama-free life. A few months ago, she was the victim of several gossip blogs that put her music career under scrutiny. This was after part of a music video from 2016 made rounds on Twitter, and her rapping skills were jeered.

Maumela Mahuwa

When Maumela is not entertaining people, she makes time to preach the gospel in various churches. She does not own a congregation of her own and only does freelance preaching wherever she is invited. In addition to that, she also owns a construction business called Omega Construction company. Through her company, she wins tenders and deals and makes a lot of money.

Given that Maumela is one of the lead actors in the soapie and she has been with the crew for many years, she earns slightly more than others. The actress’ salary has been leaked, and many fans are impressed by her compensation. The actress makes approximately R45 000-R60 000 depending on the number of scenes she features that month. Actors’ salaries usually range because of experience and the number of scenes and episodes and are not fixed.

Meet The Husband Of Susan From Muvhango In Real Life

Recently Susan has shown the importance of girl power on several occasions using her role. She went from being the scorned woman who was close to being banned from Thathe to a woman who they begged to run for councillor. She used her pain to give people hope that they can fight the patriarchal society. Even when her opposition-running party tries to rig the elections, they get caught by the police. Even her ex-husband, who was rooting for her to lose, can not help but marvel at all she has achieved.

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