WATCH: Zuma Embarrassed Himself by Failing to Read a Simple Word

When it comes to academics, former president Jacob Zuma is not that good. He didn’t finish school because he spent most of his time in exile and the bush with political stuff. With that, he’s not really good when it comes to English and numeracy. During his time in the presidency, he once embarrassed himself after he failed to read a certain number figure during a national address. However, Zuma is not ashamed of the fact that he didn’t finish school. He said it so many times in public.

Zuma was addressing the nation for the first time since he got arrested. He talked about so many things that are happening in the country, including the constant load shedding and President Ramaphosa’s implications and allegations that he had millions of dollars kept at his phala farm. On Saturday, the whole country was upside down after Zuma accused Ramaphosa of committing treason. He claims that having side businesses as a president is unconstitutional.

Throughout his address, there was a time when he got stuck and couldn’t read further. He was failing to read the words. It was such an embarrassment for him. After his clip was posted on Twitter, Zuma turned into a laughing stick.

People say they could hear that the things he was saying weren’t from his head but a script. They are blaming his spokesperson, Manyi, and his daughter, Dudu, for giving him a script instead of talking out his mind because, in most cases, he was failing to read and it was embarrassing.


He is old. They should let him rest and enjoy his package. He was doing so well during the time he was still under parole. Now we will be hearing about him every day because his daughter and spokesperson use him to get attention. Unlike back then when he was president, on Saturday he was just reading out the whole speech.


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