[WATCH] This is how Jacob Zuma celebrated his freedom yesterday | He’s so funny

[WATCH] This is how Jacob Zuma celebrated his freedom yesterday | he’s so funny.

Last year around June/July, the former president of the Republic of South Africa and African National Congress Jacob Zuma made history when he became the first former president to be arrested in the Republic of South Africa.

This includes all apartheid presidents, no one ever arrested. The reason behind his arrest was that he didn’t honour the constitutional court of Justice in the Republic of South Africa which instructed him to go back to Zondo commission of state capture inquiry and testify.



He was then sentenced for 15 months. Unfortunately he only spent two months in prison and then got granted medical parole. Now he had spent all those remaining months home and now he’s a free man, he can do everything he wants, visits whoever he wants at his own time.

To celebrate his release, Jacob Zuma was spotted dancing with his children, wearing all black. He was so happy, celebrating himself in style.

Even Madiba with his magic dance wasn’t this happy, nothing compares to Zuma’s sheer joy and wonderful support from his family, friends and all his supporters throughout the world.

Source: https://twitter.com/jabulane_r/status/1578282226327859200?t=bm1GYrvApnWXLaO8D4E6Yw&s=19

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