Watch: Meet Melusi is coming to Showmax, trailer released

Watch: Meet Melusi is coming to Showmax, trailer released

Showmax announced yet another series on their streaming platform called Meet Melusi. The series is very gripping and entertaining in the beginning. Suddenly, the main character Melusi faces the unthinkable, the unexpected. Mothusi Mogano stars in the series alongside the Scandal actress Nunu Khumalo.

Meet Melusi storyline

Meet Melusi is based on a man who is a walking talking success. He works in a very successful corporate company. He is one of the most outstanding workers in the company. Melusi is a high roller, and he gets the company he works for a lot of contracts.

Melusi is the go-to guy of his company. He is the most dedicated employee and a very brilliant one at that.

The plot twist of the story


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After a small mistake in the company, he is immediately fired from his workplace. He tells a male acquaintance what just happened, but he encourages him to look for another job. As they are sitting by the poolside, they drown their sorrows. At this point, they think something will come up soon.

Melusi’s wife is played by the Scandal actress Nunu Khumalo. On the show, she is very proud of her husband. She is also very proud of how he keeps slaying the corporate ladder. She worries when she hears the news of her husband losing his job. They have a very spoilt daughter, and eventually, they break up.

Meet Melusi cast

As Melusi is facing unemployment and battling to find a job, his son emerges from nowhere. His mother dropped him at his home. Initially, he doesn’t believe him, but in the end, he flows with being his dad. Melusi and his son move to the township, where they try to make ends meet. Both of them bond to an extent but quarrel. At some point, Melusi realizes he loves him when the son gets hit by a car.

Meet the cast of Meet Melusi

Mothosi Mogano plays the lead character. Other famous faces on the show are Nunu Khumalo, Kenneth Nkosi and Ivy Nkutha.

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