Uzalo Njeza Biography

Nkanyiso Makhanya is a South African actor currently playing Njeza on SABC 1’s Uzalo. Known to most as a child star, the actor is proving he is not a kid anymore. He is always in his part as he pulls of his role “Njeza” in Uzalo, perfectly. His career line is quite interesting and as a rising star, he is unstoppable.

Current age as of 2021: 28 years old.

Birthday: 23 May 1993

Birth Place: KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Profession: Actor, TV Presenter, MC

Education and Qualifications: Degree in Communication Sciences (University of Zululand).

Follow Nkanyiso on Instagram: @therealnkanyiso

Net Worth: $200 000

Is “Uzalo” Nkanyiso Makhanya’s first TV gig?

The actor’s first experience on TV is when he is an intern at 1KZN TV. He is exposed to everything related to production (camera work, voice overs, research, directing and pre-production). “I got to work behind the scenes before jumping on screen, which really taught me a lot about television,” he says.

Was it Nkanyiso’s dream to be on TV someday?

“Growing up in KZN we all knew back then that there were less opportunities for you to be on TV because we didn’t have a TV station based in KZN, but that didn’t stop me from believing that one day I will live my childhood dream and so I did all that I could to get where I am today. For me, I didn’t want to do anything else, I only had plan A with no plan B. Deep down I knew I would somehow end up on TV. So, it was plan A or nothing.” He works on his dream and it comes to pass.

Does Nkanyiso Makhanya have a girlfriend?

A hot video makes rounds on social media, leaving the impression that Nkanyiso is gay. Whether it is true or not, the actor is dating Duma Ntando’s older sister Thando. They have been applauded up for five years now and boy are they cute!!

All Things Nkanyiso.

  1. Makhanya starts off as an intern at 1KZN TV. There he gets to do nearly everything in production including camera work, voice overs, and research, directing and pre-production.
  2. Working behind the scenes helps Makhanya learn more about the entertainment industry before joining Craz-e as a presenter.

  1. Makhanya auditions in the first season of Uzalo back in 2015 but he did not get the role.
  2. In 2018 he manages to get a role in the popular drama.
  3. He gets a job at the age of 13 just to help out where he could at home.
  4. Acting has always been a craze since primary where he appears in plays up until grade

  1. Although he plays the offender “Njeza” now, the actor once fails an audition at Uzalo. “I auditioned in Johannesburg because I didn’t know about the Durban auditions. So I took a bus, got there at 6am and only auditioned at 6pm. It was my first acting audition. I didn’t know what to expect, but the experience taught me a lot about acting auditions and how you need to be confident and wear your character before you get on stage. The whole experience taught me to be patient,” he says. Well patience really pays off, look at him now.

What Car does Nkanyiso Makhanya drive?

Good fashion sense and a good taste in cars too. The actor recently splashes on an Audi which according to carmag costs no less than R430 000


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