Uzalo Actress Gabisile In Real Life

Uzalo Actress Gabisile In Real Life

Baby Cele, Famously known as Gabsile on Uzalo she was born 22 March 1972. She is a South African actress and most of you will not believe that she is a Sangoma. Before Uzalo she was on etv Backstage portraying the role  of Katlego Rathebe.

Her journey was. From Broadway to Backstage to Zabalaza, to My Perfect Family and now Uzalo, it is safe to say Baby Cele is one of South Africa’s industry icons.

Nevertheless, Baby Cele stated that she finds joy in acting as the feisty woman that is Gabisilie even though she [Gabisile] can be difficult to be a tiring character to portray.

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“I’m enjoying her, she is all that, a straight talker, stubborn, oh my gosh, Gabisilie she is just too much, she’s just all over but I think she’s doing all this from a good heart.”

The actress also disclosed that she and her husband had been in an on-and-off relationship for more than five years but they did not stay together before they made a decision to tie the knot.

They had their marriage ceremony in September 2017, she has one child from the other marriage and a son with her husband thabo maloka not forgetting that she already tied the knot twice and it was a failure, so she swore that she would never get married again but the actress says you cant deny love when it comes calling.

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Baby also reported that she had to go away from her husband just three months after they got married, so she could work on Uzalo which is shot in Durban.

“Unluckily I had to go three months after the wedding. I didn’t know if I should tell him. I thought if I discuss it with him‚ chances are he will change my mind. So‚ I signed the contract and only told him three days later.

I didn’t have the guts.” She also revealed how her “reckless spending ” of money once led to the loss of her house and car. “People are do not know that my house and car were once repossessed because I was broke,” the actress reportedly disclosed before describing how she became broke.

She gave an example saying that in the 80s they used to earn 7000 per week “we spent the money recklessly on expensive clothes as if those clothes would feed us,” she said they used to earn e explained.Luckily she was able to get back on her feet.

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