Uthando Nesthembu Star MaNgwabe Considers Leaving Her Marriage Because Of This

There is plenty of drama and entertainment value in the latest season of Uthando Nesthembu. Something that has sustained viewers’ attention for five seasons and even gained viewers along the way was the issue of Musa wanting a 5th wife.

A reality show about Musa Mseleku, a successful businessman, and his four wives. Watch as they try to navigate life, polygamous relationships, family dynamics, sisterhood, and tradition within the modern world.

Uthando Nesthembu Star MaNgwabe Considers Leaving Her Marriage

However, the youngest wife, MaNgwabe, has put a line in the sand and threatened to leave if he follows ahead with his desire to marry “number five.” The majority of the women appear to support the idea.

MaNgwabe had a meeting with her mother to ask for approval to end her marriage with Musa. Due to her own participation in a polygamous marriage, her mother was shocked and caught off guard by her request.

Her mother admitted that she couldn’t bring herself to ask her to leave her marriage. “I will not make you stay in that fire if you aren’t happy and in love anymore”, she said.

MaNgwabe’s mother also stated that she was disappointed that Musa was planning a second marriage despite not having finished all of the customary wedding procedures for his marriage with MaNgwabe.

Fans have shared that they are tired of the fifth wife storyline and want something new.

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