University of Venda students hosted R560k wedding on campus yesterday.

University of Venda students hosted R560k wedding on campus yesterday.

There is more to college than just academics; it prepares individuals for independence and real-world life. Students at the University of Venda donated nearly 500,000 to the compounds challenge wedding.

The wedding took place today at one of the residences on campus, and most of the University of Venda students attended. The unfortunate part of the wedding was that there was no food.You will gain additional knowledge regarding self-care and responsibilities.Children are given more freedom to engage in activities they were previously prohibited from.As a result, some individuals return home without qualifications but with children.

Reports claim that students hosted a wedding for one of the couples that many people adore and contributed R500 each from their NSFAS allowance. The wedding, which cost R560,000, shocked the public.Even for the big white wedding, they killed a cow.However, the parents were not made aware of this.The lobola was arranged for by the husband’s friends, and the lobola money was used to plan the wedding.

In the photos that are currently dominating social media, students can be seen dressed up in expensive suits and dresses.While wearing traditional attire, some were acting like the groom and bride’s parents or close family members.A stunning white wedding gown adorned the groom.

An obsession with happiness is one trait of college students.They seem to live in their own universe, where they can always find happiness.The wedding took place in one of the residence halls at the university.After the photos were shared, a lot of people were shocked.What they were seeing left them speechless.A number of universities held mini-weddings for the most adored couple at each institution following a tick tok competition.Take a look at the photos below:

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