“This is The Reason Why I Stopped Going to Church” People Reacts After Seeing What This Pastor Did

One characteristic of black people is that we adore prophecies and anticipate instantaneous miracles. Whenever a new prophet enters a town, men and women, particularly older women, rush to pay to have their prayers said. Many people have remarked that becoming a prophet today looks to be a very lucrative profession. This explains why so many individuals fabricate prophecies to gain followers and fame.

The bulk of those who embrace this bogus prophecy is elderly women. Our parents and grandparents placed greater faith in their preachers than in God. If a pastor tells them to do something and they will be blessed, they do it without question, which makes them susceptible to fraud and abuse. Regarding abuse, a viral image shows a pastor standing on top of a man while claiming to be praying for him.

The image depicted a middle-aged clergyman sitting atop a little child who was casually utilizing a microphone. By observing the child’s posture in the images, one might deduce that he is in agony. The man who uploaded this image said that the content of the image is the reason he no longer attends church. After the image was posted, a number of individuals admitted that the majority of current pastors are frauds who misuse their fees.

This is occurring shortly after a story went viral about a pastor who allegedly beat churchgoers with a sjambok while professing to cast out their demons. I believe that people must be taught that prayers, not their pastor, bring about blessings and miracles. Due to their preoccupation with gaining blessings or instantaneous miracles, a great number of individuals fall victim to these fraudulent pastors.

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