Things You Didn’t Know About Dawn Thandeka King: Early Life, Net Worth and More

Things You Didn’t Know About Dawn Thandeka King: Early Life, Net Worth and More

Dawn Thandeka King is a South African actress and mother of five who has also made a name for herself as a motivational speaker.

Although she has acted in several flicks, her most famous role appears to be in “Uzalo,” in which she played the role of a strong woman. She would describe the flick as one of her most exciting to date, a role that woke up the tomboy part of her.

Personal life

Thandeka Dawn King age, check out how many kids she has. - style you 7

King is a mother of five children. She was married to Durban-based businessman Jabulani Msomi for 15 years until their marriage ended on 2017.


Before King’s breakthrough in the acting industry, she was working a 9-5 job in the tourism industry around Durban. She eventually quit her job in the tourism industry to pursue her acting career and her debut in the acting industry came in 2012 where she got a role in Mzansi Magic’s telenovela Inkaba.

A few years later she portrayed the role of Lindiwe Xulu (Mangcobo) on a telenovela broadcast on SABC1 called Uzalo which is the most viewed television show in South Africa from 2015-2021.

Dawn Thandeka King’s character was well received by the audience with King receiving praise for her acting skills. She starred in the telenovela Lockdown on Mzansi Magic where she was known as Mazet.She is also seen in Mzansi Bioskop short Zulu drama’s persuading her dream career.


Dawn Thandeka King Reason For Leaving Uzalo Finally Revealed

Dawn Thandeka King is currently 43 years. She’ll be 44 in October this year – a month she’s looking forward to, as is the current man in her life a DBN her five children.

Net Worth

In an industry that appears to thrive on noise, Dawn Thandeka King has not been making all the noises, especially in relation to her net worth. So the figures flying about are guesswork at best. Industry chiefs will tell you, however, that she’s among the millionaire figures in the industry. Not bad, we might add, for someone so dedicated to her work.

Social Media

Dawn Thandeka King bows out of 'Uzalo' tonight

Dawn Thandeka King is active in social media, especially Instagram, and might be reached via that medium (@DawnThandeka_King. Her personal phone number has not been made public, however.

So, in the interim, a direct message or a mention via Instagram should be just fine. We’ll update when she makes other avenues of contact public.


DiepCity actress Dawn Thandeka King - Source: Instagram@dawnthandekaking

DiepCity actress Dawn Thandeka King is making headlines after sharing several pictures of herself at BMW Pietermaritzburg. No doubt she couldn’t hide her joy after allegedly purchasing a new BMW. A series of pictures posing alongside a new BMW sent Mzansi into a frenzy as congratulatory messages flooded social media.

However, little is known if she had made a hefty payout for the latest beast or if she has just scored herself a million rand endorsement deal. It happens to be true she would have added two exotic cars into her million rand fleet after purchasing an Audi earlier this year.

She is securing the bag and capping her unmatched flair with an A-list celebrity lifestyle. However, the Instagram posts did stir up the debate about whether she bought the car or it was gifted to her. The actress is yet to weigh into the daring rumours, but either way, we can shower her congratulatory messages for the big wins.

However, it seems as if the bubbly actress is a woman of few words, and posting that car while smiling is enough to know that she owns it. In 2020, the actress shared a series of pictures of a new car and was later spotted driving it.

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