The Wife Actor Kwenzo Ngcobo Biography

The Wife Actor Kwenzo Ngcobo Biography

Kwenzo Ngcobo is a South African actor. He rose to prominence for his outstanding performance on set and is best known for his role in Imbewu: The Seed, an series.

The fast-rising star has further gained the love of many television viewers for being cast in the Showmax Original series The Wife. He played the role of Qhawe Zulu.

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Profile Summary

Full Name:                                       Kwenzo Ngcobo

Born:                                                1990s

Place of Birth:                                  Port Shepstone

Province:                                          Kwa-Zulu Natal

Nationality:                                      South African

Gender:                                             Male

Ethnicity:                                           Black

Girlfriend • Partner:                         Not Disclosed

Occupation:                                       Actor

Net Worth:                                        $500,000-$700,000



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He was born Kwenzo Ngcobo around the 1990s in Port Shepstone, Kwa-Zulu Natal. His parents especially his father influenced his love and passion for acting.

The love for art which he developed at a tender age was born when his father brought home movies. He watched these VHD movies that he envisioned himself to be in the one they.

His dreams have been a reality and Kwenzo Ngcobo has appeared in several theatre and television productions. His parents also contributed their best in seeing that he becomes the person he is today.

Although his interest was developed at a tender age, he established the desire to be an actor at a tender age. This followed his portrayal of the story of the birth of Jesus during his days in the Sunday School.


After he completed both his primary and secondary education, Kwenzo Ngcobo remained for a year idle. This idea was to help him know exactly what he would and wanted to pursue in life. Later, he enrolled at the Durban University of Technology and graduated with Drama.



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Although the actor has mostly devoted most of his acting career to the theatre, he has begun to make onset appearances. According to him transitioning from theatre to set came with a huge challenge, “it was nerve-racking”

He discovered that the acting process in the theatre and onscreen are way different from each other. But with time, Kwenzo Ngcobo was able to understand how on-screen acting works and is doing so well. He was cast on the Showmax original series title The Wife.

The Wife


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He auditioned for The Wife which is based on novels from the Hlomu series. He says that he remembered that women were raving about the book during his days in higher institutions. Though since he wasn’t much of a reader, he bothered less about the book.

After landing the role, he told his entire family, and his little sister who was a huge fan of the book, screamed very loud. Although he stepped into the audition for the role of Mqhele.

He entered the audition for any role since he hadn’t read the book. But later he landed the role of Qhawe. In reality, he shares some characters with his Qhawe as introverts.

Social Media


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Kwenzo Ngcobo is on social media and through the platform, the renowned actor can connect with fans. He shares pictures of his lifestyle, career, and others. Kwenzo Ngcobo boasts over 25.5k followers on his Instagram account, yet to be verified.

In January, he dropped a throwback picture of him when he was a baby. He made many fans and followers guess his age by leaving the caption ” 199….?”. He also enjoys watching and supporting football and is a fan of Manchester United.

Net worth


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Compare to many actors in South Africa, he is new-onset but has been in the theatre for a while. His acting profession has been his major source of income.

According to The Nation, Kwenzo Ngcobo is estimated to have a net worth of around $500000-$700000. He hardly shares pictures of his luxury possessions on social media.

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