The River Linda Mtoba Biography: Age, Family, Education, Career, Husband, Wedding, Child, Hobbies, Interest And Net Worth

She describes herself as an outgoing and talkative person who loves human connections. To her fans, she is a beautiful and feisty actress who has won their hearts for a long time. Linda Mtoba emissions class, style and life. She is not only gifted, but she is also beautiful and polished. She has been decorating the screens of all Mzansi viewers and leaving an unforgettable mark in their lives.

Linda Mtoba Age And Family

Mtoba is a beautiful lady who was born in Umlazi, South Africa. She was born on the 11th of November, 1991. She has a younger brother who is 8 years younger than her. The two Xhosa siblings were brought up in Durban. At the young age of 13, she lost her father, but a loving step-father later on filled this gap. In 2020, Linda Mtoba age is 29 years. She praises all her success to her loving mother, Celiwe, and a supportive sibling.

Linda Mtoba Career And Education

Education and career Mtoba is yet to disclose the schools she attended. However, she states that she was a primary school teacher before becoming the hot actress we know today. For about a year after graduating from school, she served as a qualified IsiZulu teacher who educated children from grades 1 to 5.

This experience gave her the confidence with which she styles the screens. She has previously said that she misses the children she educated. She is currently pursuing a part-time course in Marketing Management. It is interesting to know that she became an actress by chance. Naturally, she is a lively and cheerful character, and her friends consider her to be dramatic.

Linda Mtoba was pressed by her friends to attend auditions for Isibaya and when she eventually gave in and attended the auditions they loved Linda and she landed the role of Zama Ngwenya on the show. She was cast as a daughter of a ruthless and feared taxi boss, Judas Ngwenya, that was played by the famous actor Menzi Ngubane from KwaMashu and Beauty Ngwenya her mother played by Thuli Thabethe. In the show, her character is already dead now.

She hopes to enrol in acting courses to sharpen her skills. If she were not an actress, she says, she would be a full-time mother. After being cast as Zama, she now recognizes that she is a talented actress and has since fallen in love with the film and entertainment industry. She is currently playing Nomonde in 1Magic’s best selling telenovela, The River. 

She hopes to be a part of more local productions and will certainly play the assigned roles to her final best. While she certainly misses teaching, she does not think of thinning into this as a full-time career. She still visits the school where she was previously employed

Linda Mtoba Husband And Wedding

The actress was in a relationship with her now-husband, Steven Meyer. She and Meyer later got married in 2017. Linda Mtoba wedding was flashy and stylish. The couple held two extravagant wedding ceremonies. Apart from featuring in most of her pictures on social media, details of Linda Mtoba husband profession are scarce.


The couple who seemed to be so excited about their union. Linda has since then been active commenting about how interesting marriage life is to her. She has never been ashamed of sharing her experiences while in the union.

The actress and her husband are in love, and they do not shy from displaying their love towards each other. They spend plenty of time together. This extends their bond. When appearing on interviews, she frequently confirms her intense love for her husband and says that marriage.

Linda Mtoba Child

The actress has a beautiful baby girl. She gave birth to her first child with Steve in 2020. The public knows the baby as Baby Bean.

Linda Mtoba Hobbies and interests

 This lively actress enjoys shopping for attractive pieces of clothing. All fashion lovers know that all Linda Mtoba dresses are well-designed, stylish, and thoughtfully matched to make an attractive collaborative. If she is not shopping, she is out having ice-cream with her husband or friends. She also enjoys travelling, and France is her favorite destination.

She admits that a daily lauds of sunscreen is the special product that keeps her skin lush and flawless, so you will always find sunscreen in her bag. Her current obsession is Disney, and this is apparent on her social media pages. She often walks her dogs and spends quality time with them. The teacher inside often comes out during her rest time. You will find her talking to people and listening to whatever they have to say. She believes that sharing is therapeutic. She also spends time interacting with children. They give her peace and joy.

Linda Mtoba Net Worth

The Actress net worth is currently unknown

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