The Reason Why MaYeni & MaNgwabe Might Hate Each Others Guts In #Uthandonesthembu

Musa Mseleku, a reality television personality, and businessman is married to four women. The polygamist disclosed the astounding amount of money his four wives and he spends each month on groceries in an interview with Old Mutual’s Head of Financial Education John Manyike on September 8.

MaCele, MaYeni, MaNgwabe, and MaKhumalo, four women that participated in the second season of Real Housewives of Durban, are the spouses of Musa Mseleku. The polygamist discussed all matters pertaining to family and money during his appearance on Old Mutual’s On the Money.

It’s hard to be in a Polygamist marriage. It’s hard to share a husband with another woman, as we have seen in today’s episode in Uthando Nesthembu. MaYeni feels betrayed by MaNgwabe who is the fourth wife of Musa Mseleku. MaYeni has revealed a piece of what has been bothering her in her marriage with another sister’s wife.

Musa has also revealed that he did not know that MaYeni and MaNgwabe knew each other when he took MaNgwabe as his last wife. Apparently, Mayeni and Mbali knew each other before Musa Mseleku. MaYeni felt betrayed by MaNgwabe and Musa Mseleku for going behind her back. MaYeni and MaNgwabe don’t talk too much but when they say something. Also, Thobile and Mbali knew each other because they were both girlfriends at the same time.

It seems MaNgwabe is going to be a problem this season. We have already heard many complaints coming through about her. Viewers are not happy with her and they wish she was not part of the season. Last week she was having a beef with MaKhumalo and today people are complaining about her behavior.

MaYeni is deeply hurt but she has accepted Musa for who he is. MaYeni was seen crying today as she explained how she felt like Musa and MaNgwabe had betrayed her. It’s not a secret that MaYeni truly loves Musa, if wife number five doesn’t happen it will be because Musa heard MaYeni’s cries.

It seems like MaCele is the only happy wife then followed by Makhumalo. MaKhumalo says she lives and fully practices the polygamy tradition, she entered into the arrangement knowing what could happen in the future and she understands her position and is content in where she is.

What are your views and opinions about this episode? Don’t you think Musa Mseleku and MaNgwabe were fair to betray MaYeni?

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