‘Terminally Sick’ Shabir Shaik Spotted At Restaurant With Zuma

‘Terminally Sick’ Shabir Shaik Spotted At Restaurant With Zuma.

Source: https://twitter.com/_AfricanSoil/status/1596416352214032384?t=PY4fYADE0WlyHBqi95L0gQ&s=19

Long time friend of former president Jacob Zuma who was released from prison on medical parole years ago after it was stated that he was terminally ill to be serving sentence in prison, was spotted with Zuma at the official opening of his restaurant in Umhlanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal province.

Shabir Shaik was seen posing for photos with former president Jacob Zuma at the official opening of his restaurant. This sends social critics furiously typing as they argue that these men are not only friends but have something in common; they were both released from prison on medical parole under the impression that they were terminally ill.

“Shabir Shaik has been terminally ill for more then a decade if I am correct but no one in the ANC or SACP is questioning that because it doesn’t fit their agenda and obviously mainstream media aren’t interested because it won’t create an outcry,” critics said after seeing Shabir Shaik having a great time at the opening of Zuma’s restaurant.

Zuma’s backers however argue that there was no case to begin with, and that it was simply politics which were playing itself which saw Shabir Shaik landing in prison. They also stated that the case tried to jeopardize the friendship between Zuma and Shaik but not for long as they reunited.

“President Zuma and his old time friend Shabir Shaik. Together in the struggle during apartheid, they tried to separate them with that nonsensical political case, they reunited and the friendship continued. Loyalty,” said a staunch supporter of former president Jacob Zuma.

Shabir Shaik is a businessman, and his presence at the official opening of former president Jacob Zuma’s restaurant speaks volumes that they are really good friends now supporting each other in business.

Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla said the food served at the restaurant was divine and former president Jacob Zuma had fish.

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