Tebello’s silly crush on Mary goes to lengths.

The SAFTAs award-winning E.TV soap opera
Scandal! is one of the best TV drama shows in
the South African film industry; hence, it neverfails to deliver quality, educational, and
interesting storylines.

With the drama that has been happening
lately, surely there is curiosity about what is
going to happen in the next episodes.

Well, one of the current storylines revolves aroundTebello (Tibi), a role played by Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane who got dumped by his girlfriend Nqobile, and now he is affectionate to his teacher Mary, a role played by Mikateko Hlabangwane.

Mary and Tibi’s friend Khumo, have been there for Tibi, supporting him. However, both of the young boys are so fond of Mary, and they now fight each other for her attention. They want todo extra lessons with her with the aim of spending more time with her.

Tibi’s love for Mary is extraordinary because hewants all of her attention and doesn’t even
want his friend to be part of the extra lessons.
At his age, Tibi believes that he can be in a
relationship with Mary and give her the love he gave Nqobile. He even told his friend to move out of his and Mary’s way because he wants her all to himself.

The April 2024 teasers reveal that Tebello and
Khumo will continue to battle it out for their
teacher’s affections. Tebello will realise that he needs to step up his game while, on the other hand, someone is already onto him. Cee-Jay is shocked by a disturbing message from Mary. It seems like Tibi will send Cee-Jay a breakup message, pretending it is from Mary.

According to teasers, Tibi will continue with his game. Do you think he will finally get what he wants? Well, to get the answers you need, stay tuned to E.TV every Monday to Friday at 19:30.

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