Tantseka Village Residents In Fear After 7 Family Members Are Gunned Down

Seven relatives were shot and killed in Tantseka Town, outside Mthatha in the Eastern Cape on Wednesday night.

The shooting purportedly occurred while the family was occupied with memorial service arrangements for another general who was likewise lethally shot the week before.

In the midst of entombment arrangements for a friend or family member who was shot last week, another misfortune struck the Mgxada family.

It’s supposed that a gathering of furnished men entered their home requesting the man in charge and requesting cash.

As indicated by a neighbor, Bangikhaya Ginyimali, this was not a separate episode.

“We are living in dread. We don’t rest in our homes, we rest in the mountains. This is the sort of everyday routine we have come to experience. There are conflicts, some are about stock burglary and there’s likewise cash included. That is the central concern here.”

The Eastern Cape People group Security Division said that it has mentioned police assurance for the family and the local area.

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