Take A look At Rami Chuene’s Husband

Rami Chuene is a brilliant woman with a lovely soul. Despite her difficulties, she manages to inspire others with her cheerful attitude and passion for life. She is without a doubt one of Mzansi’s most well-known actresses. She recently made headlines when she married in secret, without even inviting her closest friends.


Almost everyone who decides to marry hopes to have a lovely partnership with a partner who is both loveable and trustworthy – someone who will not abuse them. At least, it was Rami Chuene’s initial hope. Rami Chuene met and started dating fellow actor Tsepo Desando. Their love story seemed to be going in the direction and the couple dated for six months before deciding to walk down the aisle.

However, things were not as rosy as supposed and Rami Chuene divorced Tsepo Desando 2017. Shortly after her divorce, Rami left the church as she was libeled for her decision to leave her marriage. She claims however, that getting a divorce, was one of her most important and greatest decisions.


Rami Chuene’s previous marriage to Tsepo Desando resulted in three daughters. She had her first daughter, Kefiloe, at the age of 19 and her second, Nthateng, at the age of 21. Botshelo, the third daughter, was born considerably later.

In 2020, her daughter Kefiloe married. The mother was expecting a son and posted a photo of her son-in-law with his bride.

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