Soft life at its best: A look at Master KG’s lavish life from R22 million mansion to R2 million Porsche’s

Soft life at its best: A look at Master KG’s lavish life from R22 million mansion to R2 million Porsche’s

He has been winning big of late, and his illustrious career that spans years has thrust him amongst some of the world’s finest. Master KG conquered the world when his hit song Jerusalema with Nomcebo became a global hit.

In the mix of things, he has been securing the bag through international tours and royalties. We can all agree that he has been doing well since his newfound fame and has been blessing himself with the lavish things the world can offer.

Master KG - Source: Instagram

In recent years his lavish mansions and exotic cars have thrust him into the top trends. A few months ago, he hogged the headlines when he blessed one of his fans with a house in Johannesburg, Midrand. Well, let’s dive into the great life of Mater KG, capped with glitz and glamour.

In the mix of things, Mzansi started connecting the dots about his lavish mansion, which was rumoured to be worth R22 million. Well, we have connected the dots, and his Instagram feeds have managed us to have a sneak into the million-rand mansion.

Despite keeping his private life under wraps, he has incredibly shown off his lavish mansion. He owns a grand mansion in the elegant mansion in the leafy surbubs of Johannesburg. The cream mansion is best known for its simple and exquisite architectural designs that make it outstanding. A modern car garage flanks it boasts around with some of the world’s most expensive cars, from Ferrari to Porsche.

Master KG - Source: Instagram

However, the rumour mill also has it that he owns several houses across Mzansi. Back home in Limpopo, he owns an elegant double-storey mansion. The mansion is fully furnished with the finest interior designs the world can offer to cap his life of glitz and glamour. He joins a host of seasoned celebrities like Makhadzi and King Monada, who have built million-rand mansions back home in Limpopo.

Master KGs million-rand fleet from VW to Porsches

Volkswagen Golf 7 R

Whilst celebrating his 23rd birthday, he capped himself with a uniquely coloured Volkswagen Golf 7 R line costing an estimated R750 000. However, he joins a host of celebs like Kabza De Small, who also own the costly beast.

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To celebrate his Jerusalema smash hit win, the award-winning musician and producer added a Ferrari to his million-rand fleet. He also owns lavish sports cars that include:

Master KG showing off his new Porsche (Source Facebook@makhadzi)

  • Mercedes A-class – R668 960
  • Audi A6 Avant – R889 600
  • Porsche 718 Boxster GTS – R1. 7million
  • Porsche 2022 limited edition – R2. million
  • BMW 3 Series

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