Skemerdans Cast Actors Showmax And Characters

Skemerdans Cast Actors Showmax And Characters

The cast on the star-studded crime drama Skemerdans has contributed to making the series gain ground to date.

The show follows a Cape Flats neo-noir murder mystery set at The Oasis jazz club. It grew to a fierce struggle between brothers, a widow, and an organized crime syndicate.

The show features South African Film and Television Award winners.


Skemerdans cast
Title Skemerdans
Genre Drama, Crime
Year 2021
FPB Rating 16VLN
Audio Afrikaans
Subtitles English
Production company Nagvlug
Origin South Africa
Release date 28 April 2021 (South Africa)
Streaming service Showmax



  • Ephraim Gordon
  • Amy Jephta


  • Amy Jephta
  • Ephraim Gordon
  • Quanita Adams
  • Tristram Atkins
  • Marvin-Lee Beukes
  • Ilse Oppelt
  • Chase Rhys


  • Zandre Coetzer
  • Ephraim Gordon (executive producer)
  • Amy Jephta (executive producer)
  • Chanél Muller…(line producer)
  • Scharl van der Merwe


  • Regardt Botha
  • Markus van
  • Schalkwyk
Actor Character/Role Appearances
Mbulelo Grootboom Luthando Bradley Vuba 11 episodes
Ceagan Arendse Warren Fortune 13 episodes
Trudy van Rooy Jessie Fortune 13 episodes
Kim Syster Chanel Adonis 13 episodes
Vinette Ebrahim Mercia Fortune 13 episodes
Ilse Klink Shireen Fortune 12 episodes
Brendon Daniels Trevor Fortune 12 episodes
Ann Juries Melanie Samuels 12 episodes
Danny Ross Denver Carelse 12 episodes
Sanda Shandu Charlie Ngcobo 12 episodes
Carmen Maarman Bonita Fortune 12 episodes
Redione Stevens Imraan 1 episode
Arthur Minnaar Detective Spies 1 episode
Janodien Uys Young Glenn 1 episode
Michael Solomon Makes’ goon 1 episode
Connita Davids Young Shireen 1 episode
Chanél Muller Estelle 1 episode
Ephraim Gordon Maanie 1 episode
Tamer Burjaq Mr. Ahmed 1 episode
Marty Kintu Ndumiso Khumalo 1 episode
Noel Oostendorp Mr. Faure 1 episode
Veronique Jephtas Carmen 1 episode
Carlo Daniels Herschelle 2 episodes
Keenan Herman Kurt 2 episodes
Andre Samuels Pastor Phillips 2 episodes
Kevin Smith Glenn Fortune 5 episodes
Claire Phillips Makes 6 episodes
Adrian Collins Heinrich Hoffman 6 episodes
Faith Beukes Coco Fortune 6 episodes
Alistair Izobell Nathan Da Silva 9 episodes
Bongo Mbutuma Clifford Adams 11 episodes
Carl Weber Enver Adams 11 episodes

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