Skeem Saam: Inno Sadiki on intimate scenes as a pastor’s wife

Because she is a pastor’s wife, actress Inno Sadiki was worried about doing romantic scenes on Skeem Saam; she revealed it to the Daily Sun. 

She claimed she was afraid people would criticize her for kissing a man on TV, but they have surprised her, even her congregation. Her character on the show, Sthoko, has developed a romantic interest.

“I was scared, I won’t lie to you. I’m like, I’m a pastor’s wife; I’m married to a pastor. Then imagine the next Sunday, after kissing someone, you have to go to church. You don’t want to be that pastor’s wife who walks into the church after kissing somebody else.But I’m very blessed because I’ve been acting before the church and people in the church actually understand my work. They tag me they’ll be like ‘oh beautiful scene’ because they understand,” she said.

Inno said she realised that it was not her job to make people understand. The actress said she felt like she needed to portray Sthoko to the best of her abilities.

“And it’s a matter of understanding. I can’t make people understand that’s not my job. My job is to act, not to make people understand. You can’t control how they perceive you, but you can control the narrative, and I’m deciding to respect my craft, and I will continue to do it until the Lord says it’s enough,” she said.

“This is the commitment to the craft, to the art and what. We do this because we love it, we do this because we’ve been born for it. We do this because God has chosen us to do this. We are storytellers, we are narrators. We tell stories. That’s what we do and if we don’t do it authentically, please stop watching.

“We’ve earned the millions of viewers that we have. So, instead of people being judgmental, they need to appreciate the art, and they need to see the realism of the art that we do. I think that’s very important,” she said.

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