“She’s a disgrace”- SAns slams Zodwa Wabantu after she revealed the number of abortions she has done

“She’s a disgrace”- SAns slams Zodwa Wabantu after she revealed the number of abortions she has done.

Zodwa Wabantu is a South African media personality, socialite, and dancer. Zodwa Wabantu. Born. Zodwa Rebecca Libram. Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa.

Zodwa Wabantu is well known for her wild dance moves, where she dances while wearing transparent clothes, showing off her but , and she’s also well known for dating young kids.

People also thought Zodwa Wabantu makes money by selling their body or dancing half naked at gigs, but that’s not how Zodwa became a millionaire, as she has a cool reality show, which plays every Sunday on moja love, and the reality show showcases more about the life of Zodwa Wabantu.

The much-anticipated reality show hit our screens last week for its season , and it’s filled with explosive family matters that will take viewers into a rollercoaster of emotions as they get to see her family life in full view.

Talking about explosive matters, on yesterday’s episode, Zodwa Wabantu revealed how she managed to stay in the Industry for so long as she was selling her body to the highest bidder, and it was through having abortions. However Zodwa then decided to shock her viewers by revealing that she has done abortions for 11 times in her life time.

This was then revealed by advocate Barry Roux on social media, and it didn’t seem to impress South Africans as much as she thought it would have , as South Africans went to attack her, and called her a cemetery as she had allegedly killed 11 babies.

Some South Africans went to accuse her of tarnishing the black race, while others went to say she doesn’t have a spiritual calling, as ancestors don’t associate themselves with murders, so she became a sangoma just for content.

“Secrets have become content and sell Like hotcakes on National TV. Zodwa is a disgrace to black race,” a tweet said.

“Assuming what you are saying is true. I will say this again ‘akho dlozi pha!’ …Ancestors do not associate nomuntu ochitha igazi,Let alone ongagqoki phambi kwabantu 🤧….it’s another programme degrading the African culture,” another tweep added.

See how people reacted to this tweet below:

However after all these scandalous abortions, she has done, Zodwa does have a baby. She has a son whom she loves so much and she has him on the show as well despite so much drama which is big for him. Zodwa decided to put him on the show because it was time for Mzansi to see her family dynamics and to pour water over misconceptions people had about her.

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