She Is A Genius: Makhadzi Muimbi’s Academic Qualifications Get Mzansi Talking

Makhadzi Muimbi has been enjoying her fair of fame lately. She is currently the woman of the moment and has spread her wings worldwide. She is a newcomer in the entertainment industry, but she is already making waves making Mzansi curious to know more about her real life.

Although she is a top-slash musician with a cupboard of awards to show for it, Makhadzi is an educated intelligent who has not one but two degrees. She has from rags to riches story; growing up, she believed that education was the key to success. Makhadzi worked hard to excel in her studies so she could make ends meet in the future.

The Matorokisi hitmaker was born and bred in Limpopo. Although many always make fun of Makhadzi’s English fluency, she is educated. Indeed, you can never judge a book by its cover. She did her matric at Mukula Integrated School, and she passed with good grades.

After finishing her matric, Makhadzi enrolled for tertiary education at the University of Limpopo.

She holds a degree in Public Relations which she graduated in 2014. With the economic struggles in the country, Makhadzi failed to secure a job even though she was educated. As a result, she decided to be a street dancer so she could put food on the table for her and her family.

After being a street dancer for a year, she enrolled for her second degree in Drama. Makhadzi would do her street dancing during the day and her school during the night. She is indeed the epitome of hard work and stops at nothing to be successful.

Makhadzi Muimbi graduated with her second degree in 2018, and that’s when she was discovered by a studio owner who transformed her career. In 2019 the musician released her first album Matorokisi which became a hit song, placing her in the spotlight.

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