Sharon Seno Biography

If you are a fan of the Mzansi soap opera Muhvango, you most definitely know Marang Motsoaledi, portrayed by Sharon Seno. She has gained popularity across the Mzansi nation for playing her characters well, perfecting every emotion like it was in real life.

The article below will look at her biography, age, career, family, TV shows, profiles, and other facts.

Sharon Seno profile summary

Name: Sharon Seno Sharon Seno

Date of birth: June 12, 1994

Age: 28 as of 2022

Gender: Female

Sharon Seno height: 1.7 metres

Nationality: South Africa

Occupation: Actress and model

Age and Family

She was born on June 12, 1994, in Botswana. She was raised in a small village of Kanye in Botswana. She has an older brother named Thabiso, a designer and a younger brother, Talent, who studied heavy plant mechanics. Her mother, Naledi Seno, took her to TV shows and auditions for adverts, but she struggled with low self-esteem.

Sharon Seno biography Speaking to News24, she said that she was shy as a child, and people always teased her for being the tallest among her peers. This drove her to think she was ugly because of her height and big lips.

Even though Naledi always encouraged her, she would always look down upon herself until she caught the eye of a modelling lookout at a mall. At that moment, she realised that she was perfect and that there was nothing wrong with being tall. She started modelling at that point. Unlike her siblings, she does not have any educational qualifications but says she might go back to school to study drama.

This year, she will be turning 28 years old. Since she was raised in Botswana, she speaks Setswana and English.

Here are some interesting things you did not know about the actress.

  1. She was born and raised in Botswana.
  2. She considers herself an obsessive driven by hard work and determination.
  3. She plans to produce locally housed movies back in her home country in Botswana.
  4. She has a dream of going to Hollywood.
  5. Her passionate kiss with James on Muhvango made a thrill among viewers since people rarely kiss on the show


She started as a model before becoming an actress. In 2013, she made it to the top 5 on Miss Botswana. She has also participated in beauty pageants. Her dream has always been to join Hollywood soon

She took the leading role of Marang in the Mzansi soapie, Muhvango. In an interview with News24, she said she had to compete with some of the renowned actors in SA during the auditions. She did not think she stood a chance and felt intimidated by the long queue at Muhvango studios

“Am a praying woman, and I believe in myself, but I did not think I stood a chance against the big names. Joburg is big. Everyone is trying to make it, and there are thousands of beautiful girls who would do anything to get ahead. But I was not willing to compromise my values. I would never use my body to get to the top”.

She revealed that her fear of being broken dated back to when she was 17 when a director asked her to take her clothes off during an audition.


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