Ses’Top La 5 Cast | Characters And New Season

Ses’Top La 5 Cast | Characters And New Season

The cast of the South African TV sitcom Ses’Top La compiles the characters and actors that were cast in the show. Mandla N created the television sitcom with Black Brain Pictures behind the production.

It was created originally to be a spin-off from their sitcom City Ses’la. It talks about the characters of Themba and Phumzile who relocated to the city to find a better source of livelihood. There, they encounter a new set of crazy people and personalities that became part of their newfound lives.

The duo had several experiences and had to grow up without the help of their ex-friends. They had to taste the bitter and sweet aspects that came with their marital lives. They had to open an upmarket apartment and more.

Ses' Top La is coming back with a Bang!

Series Information

Genre:                       Comedy TX

Time:                        19h30

Channel:                    SABC1

Release Date:             01 Jun 2012 – (ongoing)

Country:                    South Africa

Seasons:                    5

Producer:                   Black Brain Pictures

Season 1

Ses’Top La’s main characters include Themba played by Mandla N., and the award-winning actress Busi Lurayi plays Phumzile. Other supporting casts in the first season include the apartment’s scheming security guard Gideon played by Trevor Gumbi.

Buseje, the cleaning lady who comes from Malawi was played by Lindiwe Ndlovu. The role of Thoko Chanel, the fabulous sidekick of Phumi was played by Warren Masemola.

Season 2

In Season 2, many returnees appeared in the television sitcom including Mandla N, Busi Lurayi, Trevor Gumbi, Warren Masemola, Jason Goliath, Judy Ditchfield, and Dambuza Mdledle.

There were also new characters who were cast including Pinky (Brenda Ngxoli) and Intelligent (Jamela Vuma). Crew The television sitcom was produced by Black Brain Pictures.

Tumi Masemola, Mandla N, TT Mbha, Lucy Witts, and Nicci Fourie are the executive producers of Ses’Top La. Mandla N created the series and Tiffany Jones Barbuzano is the head writer for seasons 1 and 2. The head writer for season 3 is Reabetswe ‘Rea’ Moeti.


  • Mandla N. as Themba Khumalo
  • Nelisa Mchunu as Phumzile Khumalo
  • Trevor Gumbi as Gideon Gwinyimbuzi
  • Khanyisa Bunu as Nobuhle
  • Brenda Ngxoli as Pinky
  • Dambuza Mdledle as Fishbone
  • Judy Ditchfield as Mrs. Rabinowitz
  • Leroy Gopal as Oleshe
  • Jason Goliath as Gatiep
  • Lindiwe Ndlovu as Buseje
  • Warren Masemola as Thoko Chanel
  • Jamela Vuma as Intelligent
  • Busi Lurayi as Phumzile Khumalo


Themba Khumalo

Themba is a 31-year-old man who has experienced a lot of challenges in life. As a senior investment banker, he has undergone several trials which have seen him move up and down over the past half a decade of his corporate ladder.

Eventually, he settles. He got himself an expensive apartment and has a wife that rather lives extravagantly. She has an unending hunger for money.

Phumzile Khumalo

Phumi is a twenty-nine-year-old woman who rather remains at home. The gold-digger housewife has many things to do in her expensive apartment. She frustrates her husband who loves her so much regardless.

Gideon Gwinyimbuzi

Gwinyimbuzi is a non-intelligent security guard that is employed at the reception of the apartment building. Although his intentions are good, the security man comes up with hair-brained schemes to make money fast.

Beginning with the thought that he could win Lotto, he extended to filling old water bottles with tap water and reselling them. Gideon has severally tried to convince Themba to invest in his businesses. Although most of his business plans don’t later work out, his spirit is not moved at all.


Themba and Phumi have a maid inherited from the former owners of the apartment called Buseje. She hails from Malawi and many weird circumstances have found her a job with the couples.

Her madam, Phumi tries to order around undermining her existence. Even at that, she is a very smart lady playing her games with her boss lady gaining more money than she gets normally.


A rich Nigerian by the name Oleshe is a charming, confident, and elegant man who has feelings for Phumi.  He mentions on several occasions that he wants to make her his wife.

He is very rich and a BEE neighbor that lives next door. He is a businessman but his investments are not known yet.

Thokozani Chanel

Thoko is gay and a young man who lives in another apartment. He is friends with Phumi and they share one thing in common, their love for fabulous things. Although he works at Edgars Sandton, he aspires to be a designer. He is single and gets advice from his friend Phumi who feeds him with all manner of messed-up advice.

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