‘See What Malema and his wife Were Spotted Doing With White People That Caused a Stir

‘See What Malema and his wife Were Spotted Doing With White People That Caused a Stir.

Malema is one of the people who are well known for not having a good relationship with whites; he criticizes white people at every opportunity he gets. Malema has a reputation for this. He asserts that this is the reason why black people do not achieve success and why there is still an imbalance in the distribution of wealth due to the fact that white people control more land than black people. Because white people found black people in South Africa and took their land back then, Malema and the rest of the ecnomic freedom fighters have been fighting for white people to give all of the land they own to black people. This is because white people found black people in South Africa.

Because of that, even white people have a negative opinion of him. As the old proverb goes, “the only thing that doesn’t meet is a mountain,” but when it comes to people, they will always meet each other and have a need for one another. It may take your entire life, but there will definitely come a time when you will require assistance from someone who you dislike or who you consider to be your adversary. 

As a result of this, a photo of an economic freedom fighter known as Chief on Command and his white supporter being prayed for by a white pastor is currently going viral. According to the reports, Malema and his wife were in Cape Town at the Rivers church where there was a service that was very powerful; on the photo, Malema and his wife could be seen surrounded by white people praying for them. The service was held at the same time as the funeral for Nelson Mandela.

People are startled that the same Malema who despises white people is now being prayed for by those people, and this photo generated a stir on social media when it was shared. Some people even suggested that, somewhere in the depths of his mind, he must be humming his song that goes “kiss the boer.” Some people believe that because he even considers attending to church, things must be terribly difficult in his home. On several social media platforms, this photograph has been widely shared.

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