See List of South African celebrity look-alikes who can easily play siblings

See List of South African celebrity look-alikes who can easily play siblings

Lerato Marabe, Cedric Fourie and Pearl Modiadie-Image Source(Instagram)

These South African celebrities look-alike or bear a resemblance to each other. The stars in this list are carbon copies of each other, meaning they could play each other’s family members in a story, and viewers would accept it.

Lerato Marabe (Pretty Skeem Saam) and Gabisile Tshabalala ( Boniswa Black Door)
Gabisile Tshabalala and Lerato Marabe
Gabisile Tshabalala and Lerato Marabe-Image Source(Instagram)
These two genuinely resemble one another; it’s hard for some people to tell them apart. They would be believable as sisters in a story; they smile similarly. Lerato gained popularity as the younger daughter of MaNtuli Pretty Seakamela on the famous Skeem Saam, and Gabisile is currently killing the role of Boniswa, who is struggling with drug addictions on Etv’s The Black Door.

Pearl Modiadie and Bahumi Mhlongo
Pearl Modiadie and Bahumi Mhlongo
Pearl Modiadie and Bahumi Mhlongo-Image Source(Instagram)
Pearl Modiadie could also play the older sister to young Bahumi, which would be believable. Bahumi is the daughter of the multitalented Somizi Mhlongo, and she played the role of Lebo Mathosa beautifully in Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story. She played the young version of Lebo and truly surprised many with her talent. Pearl Modiadie is a veteran by now in this industry. She has graced our screens as a TV presenter and an actor; she is also a radio presenter, to mention a few of her talents.

Helen lebepe and Xolile Tshabalala
Helen Lebepe and Xolile Tshabalala
Helen Lebepe and Xolile Tshabalala-Image Source(Instagram)
The following two beautiful ladies are both actors and resemble one another. Helen is one of the cast members in the new BET series Redemption, and Xolile Tshabalala played the role of Julia Motene on Generations in the 90s.

Cedric Fourie and Shona Ferguson
What can we say about these two? They are both exceptional and very handsome. Shona Ferguson left a considerable gap when he suddenly passed away in 2021, and the industry hasn’t been able to recover since then. The truth is Cedric Fourie captures the essence of Mr Sho. They give off specific precious energy, and they express themselves very well. Cedric Fourie named himself the handsome and intelligent Lehasa Maphosa on the most-watched Soapie in Mzansi Skeem Saam.

Cedric Fourie and Shona Ferguson
Cedric Fourie and Shona Ferguson-Image Source(Instagram)

Shona Ferguson was a movie mogul who gave us his talent from A to Z on and off the screen. He introduced the likeable Jerry Maake on The Queen and brought us much joy on The Netflix original Kings of Joburg. It’s a Marvel that these two celebrities look-alike have not played brothers in a movie. It would have made for a particular watch as they both possess an individual quality and a resemblance that would have made them great TV siblings.

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