SAns Stopped Supporting Malema? Reactions as EFF Gets 2 Votes In Crucial By-election

SAns Stopped Supporting Malema? Reactions as EFF Gets 2 Votes In Crucial By-election.

Hard crowd? In a very important by-election, the EFF only got TWO votes. The Patriotic Alliance gave the DA a hard time, but the DA was able to win. But after only getting two votes, the EFF couldn’t do anything about either of them. This week, a very important by-election was held in Lambertsbaai. The DA, the ANC, and the Patriotic Alliance all ran against each other. The last two parties have made a deal to help each other get elected, but the Blues would win. The EFF, on the other hand, was the fourth choice on the ballot.


During the vote in the Cederberg Municipality of the Western Cape, most of the attention was on the top two parties. In recent months, a number of the DA’s coalition agreements have been broken, mostly because other parties have decided to side WITH the ANC. The Patriotic Alliance doesn’t care who they help as long as it helps them strengthen their position as a rising political power. But despite working together with the ANC in the past, both sides went it alone this time. In a region where most people are white or black, splitting the vote in this way may have made it easier for the DA to win. John Hayes was officially chosen by the people of Lambertsbaai because he got more than 45% of the votes.


Hayes got 1,451 votes, which were more than the 1,056 votes for the Patriotic Alliance and the 663 votes for the ANC. But there was one more thing that stood out, and if you support the EFF, you might want to look away now. Only 0.06% of the people voted for the Red Berets. Or, to put it another way, the far-left party only got TWO VOTES. Results in the end for Lambertsbaai in the Cederberg: The FFplus and CE did not put up a candidate because they supported the DA candidate. Just some specifics about how to win an election.

— JC MacFarlane (@Macfarlane123) The date is October 12, 2022.


Critics of the EFF have, of course, used this information to their advantage. But the arguments against it are already in full swing. Any time there is an election in the Western Cape, the Red Berets will always have a hard time. At the end of the day, it’s just not their place. The way Lambertsbaai’s people are spread out also makes it almost impossible for the EFF to get more support. In fact, one Julius Malema supporter said Thursday that two votes in this community show “significant progress” for him and his group. He may also be the most positive person in all of South Africa.

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