Salary And Profile comparison Of Ntobeko Sishi ‘Thokozo’ From Gomora And Akhona Ndlovu ‘Herbert’ From DiepCity

Salary And Profile comparison Of Ntobeko Sishi ‘Thokozo’ From Gomora And Akhona Ndlovu ‘Herbert’ From DiepCity

Mzansi Magic Telenovelas DiepCity and Gomora brought in young talents Akhona Ndlovu and Ntobeko Sishi, respectively. The actors were brought in without much screen experience. The rising stars are now making headlines showing exactly why they attracted the interest of Mzansi’s top TV shows.

We analysed the on and off-screen skill set of the two actors. Who boasts the best profile between the two actors of Gomora and DiepCity?

Ntokozo of Gomora and Herbert of DiepCity

Screen roles (Gomora and DiepCity)

Thokozo has quickly become one of the main characters of Gomora. He plays a role of a boy from a family involved in the scandals. He accidentally killed Don, Buhle’s father. Ntokozo is involved in a love triangle with Buhle and Mazet. He seems to be creating more trouble for himself as each episode passes. He failed Matric, and his mother gave him a harsh lesson that he struggled to handle.

On the other hand, Herbert is a charming young man who inherited his uncle’s shop in Diepsloot. He always finds himself clashing with gangsters of the township who demand money to protect his shop. A lot of girls in Diepsloot loves the handsome young man. He fell in love with Nox, and the relationship saw him becoming popular.

Screen frequency shows that Ntobeko is on a more prominent role in Gomora than Akhona has in DiepCity.



The two actors are of the same age, making them direct competitors for any role on the screen. Ntobeko Sishi was born in 1998, while Akhona Ndlovu was born the previous year in 1997. Both actors grew up in Durban in KwaZulu Natal.

Academic qualifications

Ntobeko went to George Campell School of Technology for his early education. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Capetown. He later obtained a post-grad Diploma in Management, Entrepreneurship Studies (UCT).

On the other side, Akhona did his tertiary education at Creative Arts Collage, where he graduated with a Diploma in Performing Arts and Production Techniques.

Social Media following

Once again, Ntobeko commands a more significant following on Facebook and Twitter over Akhona. Ntobeko has 73,000 followers on Twitter, while Akhona only has 1,000 followers. On Instagram, Akhona is 7,000 followers behind Ntobeko.

Akhona 'Herbert' of DiepCity on screen


Akhona earns quite a lot from DiepCity, and his salary ranges between R15 000 to R20 000 per month, while Ntobeko makes R35 000 from Gomora.

Overall, Ntobeko seems to be doing better than his counterpart DiepCity.

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