RIP| She died the very Same way her husband died a year ago. See what happened

RIP| She died the very Same way her husband died a year ago. See what happened

There’s nothing that hurts more than losing a loved one, especially if it was a parent that you depend on to survive on a daily basis. According to the latest reports, there are 6 children now who are currently orphans after their mother’s life was taken in a very tragic way which is also similar to how their father died as well last year.

It appears that there’s no way, that we don’t hear about a woman dying on a daily basis, as criminals and jealous ex-boyfriends keeps murdering our mothers and sisters each and every day.

This morning we learnt about the passing of an alleged mother who was also a bread winner to her 6 children from Delft, which is a town near Cape Town. The reports says that Lazelle Collins died on the 27th of September after she was shot dead.

Lazelle Collins was on her way to church where ran a business of a soup kitchen so that she can feed her 6 kids, when a group of 3 men approached her and shot her multiple times and ran off. However one of the attackers wasn’t satisfied yet as he came to shoot her once again, just to ensure that she dies for real.

Now this is a tragic moment to her kids, as they lost both parents in just a year, as reports states that Lazelle’s husband died the very same way she died,as he was also shot dead by a well orchestrated hit, similar to hers.

However no one has been arrested regarding Lazelle’s hit, but South Africans have gone to send their deepest condolences regarding her death and they also showed that they are really saddened about her passing as well. Many people went to suspect that whoever shot her is the very same person who killed her husband and he had a motive behind it.

“These guys were told to make sure she is dead, the fact that one came back to shoot her one last time 💔💔💔! Somebody removed these guns on the streets. I dnt know how but it’s a cry 😭😭 😭,”a tweep said.

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