RIP : Ill gogo dies after early discharge from Tembisa hospital

A Gauteng family is up in arms with Tembisa hospital after they allegedly discharged her earlier than expected.

Gogo Dimakatso Ndou had earlier been briefly admitted to Tembisa Hospital after spending hours in a waiting queue at the casualty ward with other patients.

She was aged 67 and she was also wheelchair bound.

According to media reports, the family waited for several hours in the line and it is only after they contacted a family friend who is a politician that they were able to get assistance.

“Only then our gogo was attended to when the friend and the office of the Gauteng MEC intervened. We left after being assured that she would be admitted to a ward, and allocated a bed,” her granddaughter Mpho said.

She said that their gogo was given a bed in the casualty department.

The family were shocked when they went back the following day and they were told that she would be discharged so that they could make space for other patients.

“The following day we were told she would be discharged to make room for other patients. When we tried to question the wisdom of discharging her, we were told our gogo had water on her heart. One doctor told us she was being discharged, and would recover at home,” Mpho said.

Gogo Ndou unfortunately passed away the following day after she was discharged.

Source: The Star Early Edition Wed, 16 Nov 2022

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