RIP | “A month ago I gave birth to the most gorgeous girl in the world, now she’s gone”

A couple’s worst nightmare is realized when they lose their child. Tragically, the majority of couples are unable to conceive separately. Many families and/or households experience delight when a baby is born.

When a couple is so much in love that they decide to be married because they cannot have children, their love finally crumbles. The two or more parties engaged must put a lot of effort into a committed relationship or marriage. One or more of the elements that a healthy relationship must include or involve are sacrifices, transparency, respect, and caring.

Think about a situation where all of the aforementioned elements are there but there are no married couple’s biological offspring. It happens frequently for men to leave the house and begin extramarital affairs.

Other couples, glumly, have been trying to conceive for many years, but they still aren’t blessed with a child. They can’t all carry to term, unfortunately. Every time they miscarry, they lose their child.

In terms of losing a kid, a South African mom named Phemelo delivered a lovely girl a month ago, but that child is no longer with us.

She had every confidence that she would be able to watch her young daughter mature before her very eyes and develop into a stronger future leader, but something unexpected occurred. She is unable to handle the pain she is experiencing and is feeling numb from it. She is unsure of what to do to make it disappear immediately.

The only one who knows why it occurred is the Lord, and he will be at her side as she goes through her most trying days. Phemelo still retains photos of her young daughter in the casket that she was laid to rest. Some of those images were even shared on social media by her.

We all experience loss differently, so it’s unfair to judge her for turning to social media and sharing photographs of her dead kid for all to see on Twitter. What some people find to be a successful grieving treatment may not be effective for others, and vice versa.

It’s important to surround yourself with those you love when you’re grieving. Avoid isolating yourself since you may begin to overthink things or even take actions that could endanger your life. You are not alone, Phemelo, my sister. This time of mourning will soon pass for you. Although it may not occur immediately, you will one day. Our prayers are with you.



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