Rethabile Potsane’s [Dinky Bliss] manager gave a statement regarding the cause of death

Rethabile Potsane’s manager gave a statement regarding the cause of death




People have the tendency, when a person dies and they don’t have proof of what caused the death, to start speculating without doing any research or investigation into what might have happened. We have seen this on many occasions, and before the family can confirm the results of the doctor’s test, people will conduct their own postmortem and share the results with the public, which is not right and is heartbreaking for the family that is already in mourning for the death of the family member.



There were speculations yesterday on Twitter that the death of Big Brother presenter contestant Rethabile Potsane was a natural one and she died from suicide, which her manager denied, and I asked the people to refrain from spreading the lies.

“I’ve been seeing that there are posts circulating about the cause of Dinky’s death, and as her manager, I can 100% confirm that she didn’t commit suicide, she passed away due to “depression.” Details of the cause of her death will be released as soon as the doctors get back with the test results. Please consider the fact that the family is still grieving this matter.”

The manager was not the only one who tried to stop people from circulating lies about such a sensitive situation.

“Dinky did not commit suicide.” “Yes, Dinky was public about her depression struggles, but please wait for the family to deal with the shock before sharing details of her untimely demise.” Says Kgopolo

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