Rest In Peace|| Will Namhla Ever Get Justice? See What Bheki Cele Revealed About This Case

People in South Africa have been complaining for an embarrassingly long period of time that the justice system is broken. Killers can be found walking around the streets as if nothing has happened, despite the fact that people are being murdered on a daily basis. Some of them are simply taken into custody and released on bail the next day.

Does the law ever take into account how the family of the victim would feel when they spot the person who killed their loved one? This is the reason why a lot of people these days are turning to forms of justice like mob rule. As soon as they determine that you have broken the law, they set you on fire and put you out of your misery immediately.

A few months back, there was a very terrible story that circulated about a woman who had been slain after being in a relationship in which she was abused. On her way home from work, Namhla Mtwa was murdered while she was in her car and shot multiple times. Because of the way that they sprayed bullets all over her body, it was clear that the perpetrator’s intent was to kill her. Furthermore, they did not steal anything from her; instead, they simply shot her to death and fled the scene.

Since that time, authorities have continued to look into the matter. Despite the fact that members of the public have pointed the finger at suspicion at a certain individual, no arrests have been made. The inquiry into the case is not yet complete. There are a lot of individuals who think that her ex-boyfriend is the one who killed her.

Suspicion was first raised when her younger sister tweeted screenshots and images of Namhla when she had bruises as a result of her ex-boyfriend beating her up. There are rumors going around that the younger sister received death threats, which is why it is speculated that she made the decision to delete those photographs from social media.

After that, Bheki Cele updated the parliament on this matter on the previous Thursday, speaking about the case. He stated that the female police officer who had been investigating this issue received death threats, and as a consequence, she quit, and the case was assigned to an individual who is older, more experienced, and better trained in investigating matters.

He then revealed that this case is more sophisticated than what people can perceive from a distance, which was the next thing he said. On the other hand, he highlighted the fact that justice will be done. As a result of this being publicized, a lot of people seemed to be so dissatisfied with the law in South Africa that they had completely lost hope that justice would be done for Namhla.


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