Rest In Peace: Police Officer Killed His Two Girlfriends, What He Did After Killing Them is Evil

Gender-based violence is one of the things that our country is failing to address. Every day we read reports of women and children being abused and killed. They now live in fear, wondering what will happen if they are the next victims. Although police and different organizations have tried to raise awareness, men are still continuing to abuse women and children, the very same men who are expected to protect them. Instead of protecting women, husbands have turned into monsters that women need to be protected from.

There is a heartbreaking story of a lady who was killed by her boyfriend along with his other girlfriend. On October 14, 2022, in the town of KwaNyuswa, 18-year-old Njabulo Enhle Majozi was allegedly killed by a gunshot fired by her lover, a police officer. According to the allegations, he shot both Enhle and the other woman, who was 24.

According to the allegations, the boyfriend shot the other woman first, and then Enhle attempted to flee the scene. According to the allegations, he shot her outside, after killing them he dragged them back inside the house in order to stage a “fake crime scene.” The two women had been shot in the head, and the paramedics pronounced them both dead at the scene.

At his residence, the police discovered 11 spent cartridges and four spent bullet heads. It is speculated that the police officer was in a romantic relationship with both of the victims, but the reasoning behind the murder is still a mystery at this point. He was arrested. After this story was posted on social media, people started calling for this man not to be granted bail. They say he is dangerous and doesn’t deserve to be around people. Hopefully, justice will be served. May the two precious souls rest in peace. Hopefully, the law will make this law enforcer pay big for breaking the law.


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